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Catalyst Manufacturing

Hypercat ACP's manufacturing plant is located in Coppell, TX, where we manufacture catalytic converters for Small Engines, Stationary Engines, Industrial Processes and Diesel Engine applications on a variety of different substrate shapes and sizes. Hypercat's technology portfolio contains not only standard catalyst technology but also astonishingly efficient state-of-the-art nano-technology solutions that solve today's sophisticated compliance issues.

Hypercat ACP™ has coating expertise in ceramics and metallic substrates, foams and metallic meshes. We invite your inquiries on how we can design the optimum combination of technology and support for your application. You'll be impressed with our turnaround, quality and price!

Catalyst Development

Our experienced team of engineers and chemists will work with our customers to design a detailed solution for any process application regardless of the size. We choose from our portfolio of technologies to create the optimum system to meet a customer's budget, design parameters and required emissions levels.

Additional Hypercat capabilities include:

  • Catalyst System Integration
  • Engineering Services
  • Equipment Design
  • Substrate Supply
  • Coatings
  • Canning
  • Catalyst Testing Services

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