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As a leader in the manufacturer of high quality catalyst devices, Hypercat ACP™ custom designs emission control devices and provides high quality catalysts at exceedingly competitive prices.

Our developments using nano-technology gives us a competitive edge in next-generation technology through proprietary synthesis techniques for the factorial design of experiments and production of various nano-alloys with tailored properties for emissions control. These alloys use non-hazardous materials that are considered to be environmentally safe for emissions control purposes.

Available Sizes:
Rectangular - 1x1 metallics; 1x2 metallics; 2x2 metallics; plus non-standard sizes made to order, and 6" ceramic cubes.
Rounds and Ovals - Any size diameter and depth; ceramic or metallic.
Cell density - various (usually 100 - 400 cpsi) 100, 200, 300, 400, up to 1000 cpsi.
Hypercat ACP Product Samples
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