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Emissions Control Solutions

Hypercat ACP™ is a leading edge, technologically-driven emissions control solutions company that offers a unique combination of catalyst and filters, catalyst performance testing, system design, coatings and canning. Hypercat ACP has exclusive rights to proprietary catalytic nano-technology, enabling us to design and build catalysts for our customers using less Platinum Group Metal (PGM) without sacrificing efficacy, function or durability.

As an added value to our customers, we offer spent catalyst performance testing to determine your catalyst's activity. No need for time-consuming and expensive stack testing. We will test a sample from your catalyst and provide data for submission to regulatory agencies for support in your replacement decision.

Alongside a suite of standard products, Hypercat's unique combination of service with our cutting edge 'nano-technology' gives our customers highly effective, cost-competitive, efficient emissions control solutions.

For more information on our emissions control solutions, contact us today.
Hypercat ACP Product Samples
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