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Three-Way Catalyst

Hypercat ACP's three-way catalytic converter simultaneously oxidizes carbon monoxide (CO) and unburnt hydrocarbons (HCs), while also reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx). More specifically, the three-way catalytic converter reactions are further described below:

CO + 1/2 O2 → CO2
2HC + 5/2 O2 → H2O + 2CO2
NO + CO → 1/2 N2 + CO2
NO + H21/2 N2 + H2O
5NO +2 HC → 5/2 N2 + H2O + 2CO2

Three-way catalysts are most effective when the fuel supply to the engine has an air-fuel ratio near stoichiometry, when the exhaust gas fluctuates between rich (excess fuel) and lean (excess oxygen) compositions close to stoichiometry. A catalyst's conversion efficiency suffers exponentially as the air-fuel ratio moves further away from near-stoichiometry operating conditions.

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